Pacific Owners Association Management Services

Pacific Owners Association Management Services is a company registered with the Real Estate Regulatory Authority (RERA) and is licensed to practice the trade by Dubai Economic Department. In short, we professionally manage buildings and our services include general building, technical, financial management and customer service.

When required, we offer our assistance in processing the documentation for the formation of the Owners Association.

About Us

Pacific Owners Association Management Services is uniquely qualified to perform the work on this project and deliver superior value to our clients. Headed by a qualified and experienced Architect, Pacific Owners Association Management brings wide and in-depth knowledge of the components of a building including Electrical, Mechanical, Civil and allied trades. Through our vast experience in the hospitality industry, we have acquired the skills to deal with prestigious properties, hotels and clubs.

Our unique selling point is the fact that we do not call consultants for advice on routine engineering issues as we are competent to handle them in-house, resulting in considerable cost savings and instantly resolving problems. Our experience worldwide added to our experience in Dubai gives us excellent knowledge of machinery, equipment and spares. We also have a large network of vendors and suppliers and we are therefore able to obtain good quality materials at competitive prices. Whether it is replacing lobby furniture and furnishings, resolving a problem with the swimming pool or air-conditioning, the owners do not have to worry as we provide these services within our professional fees.

Our Vision

"Many leaders promise, we deliver"

HH Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice-President and Prime Minister of the UAE, and Ruler of Dubai.

Year after year, Dubai has continued to outdo itself in terms of greatness. The desert, which birthed the UAE, has been transformed in a few short years and become one of mankind’s greatest achievements. And none of this would have been possible without the vision of HH Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice-President and Prime Minister of the UAE, and Ruler of Dubai.

It was with this same vision in mind that the Pacific Owners’ Association Management Services was created. Based in Dubai, and spearheaded by a highly experienced architect and a team of skilled and well-qualified multi-national professionals, Pacific Owners Association Management is one of the largest Owners Association Management companies in the UAE.

Our Team

Uniquely in this industry, we do not call consultants on routine engineering issues. Our diverse and skilled team and their large database of contacts are well acquainted with machinery, equipment and parts. This helps us keep the fees as affordable as possible for you, and there are no hidden charges.

Our Services

  • Obtain quotations for delivery of hard and soft services to the building. (Security, cleaning, air-conditioning maintenance, cooling tower etc.)
  • RFP formation for individual services
  • Managing the process of receiving quotes, negotiations and ensure the OA properly votes on the selection and contract assigning to the Vendor (excluding at all times any matters relating to the appointment of any Association Manager which shall be handled by an independent third party)
  • Implement decisions of the OA relating to contract selection and assignment
  • Review each proposal in detail and compare
  • Making recommendations to the OA regarding the best service provider from the market (cheapest may not necessarily be the best)
  • Following the relevant resolution by the OA, ensure the appointment of the selected vendors by OA and control and monitor the service contractors necessary to maintain and repair the Building, including any utility services, utility infrastructure, shared facilities and shared structures
  • Making recommendations and monitor quality assurance as per the defined scope of work
  • Vendor Report Reviews
  • Fairly and reasonably manage and administer the common areas for the benefit of all owners and without bias to any particular owner or group of owners
  • Supervise the operation, maintain, repair and renew through vendors for the Common area
  • Common properties to be supervised monitored and overlook the upkeep of the property as a whole and to make sure to protect the interest of the development and Owners
  • Association in respect of the common areas
  • Ensure all service providers are properly licensed and registered and maintain all necessary insurances as required by law and as per any Supply Agreement
  • To carry out regular inspections of the Common Areas and its assets and ensure compliance with the proper standards for use
  • Report promptly to the Owners Association on all things requiring repair or creating a hazard or danger and take remedial action where practicable
  • Arrange for the proper procurement of all Supply Agreements as required by Owners Association and ensure that such contracts are carried out is accordance with its terms
  • Arrange for qualified contractors to undertake routine repairs relating to the Common Areas
  • Only when required, liaise with tradesmen about work to be carried out on Common areas or when work is carried out in the private property but will impact upon the Common Areas
  • Inform/ advise the Owners Association in relation to any correspondences, reports, enquiries and complaints received relating to the Common Areas and the Owners Association Assets and their management
  • Arrange for the procurement of quotations and tender documents for Common property upgrades (Reserve fund related) in accordance with OA requirements and the law
  • Monitor the receivables in the bank account for the development
  • Preparation of service charge budgets with close liaison of OA
  • Do all things reasonably necessary to obtain RERA approval on the service charge
  • Issue invoices relating to the approved service charge to all owners and issue service charge notices and relevant communication
  • Monitor the service charge arrears and peruse the recovery of the due charges
  • Monitor and recommend approval for payment by the OA of the service providers as per signed contracts
  • Arranged for payment of invoices on behalf of the development and Owners Association (e.g. Water & Electricity, maintenance etc)as approved by the OA
  • Prepare and manage the Reserve Fund and General fund under the direction of the development and the Owners Association
  • Arrange for invoicing and payment of the expenses incurred related to Supply Agreements entered into by the OA
  • Assist the OA auditor by providing detailed accounts and records for audit purpose
  • Cash flow preparation and management
  • Book keeping and ledger entries
  • Closing of accounts


  • Arrange for all necessary insurances selected by the Owners Association, to include: full building replacement cost, all insurable assets and liability for damages and other risks
  • Recommend any other insurance that may be appropriate for the building and /or the Board and/or the OA


  • Coordinate with RERA and Lands Department and concerned government authorities.


  • Approved Master Community Declaration (MCD)
  • Approved Building Management Statement (BMS)
  • Approved Jointly Owned Property Declaration (JOPD)
  • OA Plans (Unit Site Plans, Building Common Areas)
  • Association Constitution (provided by RERA)
  • Board Resolutions

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